Have you ever asked yourself just how many reams of paper it can take to keep on top of funding?

Are you feeling suffocated by ceiling-high stacks of grant applications?

How would you feel if you heard that all the duties of a Grantmakers could have been accomplished with software?

As it turns out, grant management software can make those dangerously high stacks of paper disappear and much more.

Here are 5 ways grant management software can help you increase your funding:

1. Organise all of your information in one place

Access all of your information- history, due dates, reporting requirements, contacts, goals, budget and more. No more binders, no more shuffling through papers. Instead, you’ll have searchable data all in one place.

2. Manage all grants from start to finish

Track every detail of the process from start to finish, including status, submission method, amount, and all important dates. Know where you are in every application.

3. Generate reports and be ready for board meetings

Comprehensive reports will keep you ready for presentations, board meetings and grant interviews. Create custom reports to share with staff and optimise operations.

4. Save time and get better results for clients

As a grant executive, your time is best spent with your clients maximising their chances for success, grant management software saves you valuable time by streamlining the application process making sure all applications are fully completed in a timely manner leading to a better chance of a positive decision for the client.

5. GDPR Compliance

Do you lock all your grant applications in a securely locked cabinet every evening? Secure online grant management software is built with the latest online security protocols, elevating concerns around data breaches and GDPR non-compliance.


If you think it’s time to streamline your online submission process or you’re interested in more ways to modernise your current workflow and review process, talk to one of our senior solutions specialists today who will guide you through the process to see if Submit.com is the right fit for you.


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