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Submit.com allows you to maximise your mobile workforce productivity by connecting them via secure cloud-based technology on their smartphone or tablet. Submit.com will revolutionise your compliance workflows, field data capture and remote asset management.

Submit.com workforce management solution is used in multiple industry sectors

Our backend form tracking systems and our immersive interactive front-end friendly forms make it easy for you to manage all your field workforce workflows.

Our flexible workforce mobility solution improves your workforce productivity, reduces your admin costs and enforces health & safety compliance.

Submit.com not only captures timesheets, photos, signatures and parts on each job, it also makes sure that your business is compliant. Your mobile workforce can complete installation and servicing checklists in the App from their mobile device. Submit.com is incredibly flexible and will adapt to whatever bespoke forms your unique business requires.

You can now receive updates from your mobile workforce in real-time no more chasing paper-based forms at month end.

End-to-end form management

  • Maximise your productivity

    Communicate in real time with your field workforce. Eliminate unnecessary visits to the office and pointless phone calls. Do more jobs per day and concentrate on growing your business.

  • Centralise your data

    Finally get all your forms into a single system. Searching through hundreds or thousands of forms can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With Submit.com powerful search engine you can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

  • Easy to use

    We’ve designed our system to make sense to the people that work in the construction and trade industry. Drawing on our extensive industry knowledge we’ve built powerful features into simple screens. Submit.com will help your back office team to do their job better than ever before.

  • Backup and Security

    Submit.com works in the cloud. Let us worry about securing your data and backing it up whilst you get on with growing your company. You don’t need a server or other expensive hardware. Simply use the internet to connect and run your business from anywhere.

  • Branding and identity

    Whilst Submit.com is off-the-shelf software we recognise that you need to put your own stamp on the documents that the system creates. You can upload your company branding on all forms you create. The portal is also branded for you. The system enables you to standardise your documents and create a really professional image.

All the features you need


Your Own Domain

We’ll set you up with your own domain, every aspect of which is yours. No banners, no ads, just you, your team, and the tools to create custom forms and manage the data centrally.


Make the platform work for you. Personalise the look and feel, set your personal preferences, manage your team and create custom forms to collect vital information from your remote employees.


There’s no form too big or small. Submit.com platform is built to scale with you and your different type of form collection requirements.


Add your own background images, favicons, logos, colour schemes and more. Really make your homepage your own.

Smart Forms

Get the exact information you are looking for. Our forms incorporate clever branch logic and answers can be text, multiple choice, multiple select, date, yes/no, or even auto-calculating spreadsheets!


Candidates  portals

Direct employees to a branded portal where they can easily complete and track all form submissions.

Video Interviews

Submit.com incorporates the ability to set up asynchronous video collection.

Smart Forms

Get the exact information you are looking for. Our forms incorporate branch logic and answers can be text, multiple choice, multiple select, date, yes/no, or even auto-calculating spreadsheets!

Eligibility quizzes

Ensure you only received qualified candidates by automatically pre-screening incoming applications.


Program workflows

Customise the workflows for each of your callouts. Create single-stage, or multi-stage, processes.

Workflow automation

Automate repetitive administrative tasks. Automatically validate applications, send notification messages, move applicants between stages, and more.

Application tracking

Easily store and retrieve application data, and track proposals as they move through your process.

Insightful dashboards

Create and monitor insightful dashboards in real-time and never lose track of what’s happening in your process.

Relationship management

Send, manage and track all email communications with your candidates

Role-based permissions

Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff, and maintain audit trails of all actions.


Simple & Advanced Reviews

Provide reviewers with a simple scale for reviews, like a yes or no or one-to-five rating. Create custom review forms and capture the information you need. Include a variety of question types, like multiple choice or text-response.

Review notes and comments

Enable reviewers to easily leave notes and comments on applications, or application materials.

Quick Search

Searching through hundreds or thousands of applications can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With Submit.com improved quick-search function you can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

Reports & Statistics

Where are your candidates finding you? How many incomplete applications do you have? What demographics are you appealing to? Submit.com will give you the answers!

Score and Discuss

Discuss applications securely with your team and assign individual scores. Average scores for applications will be auto-calculated and can be used to sort applications.


Mark your favourites and create your own tagging system! Search and filter applications based on the tags you have assigned.


Create folders for your favourite applications and share them with your team. These folders can be shared with team members/external reviewers and can be password protected for extra security.

External Reviewers

Invite External Reviewers to view a shortlist of candidates. You can share as much or as little information as you want with External Reviewers


Reach out to people individually or as a group. Invite previous candidates to apply for your latest opportunities! No more searching through old emails for contact details.


Customise your email notifications so that you are informed when applications are received. This is perfect for keeping on top of things, especially if a deadline is approaching.

Field workforce solutions

  • Inspections

    Assess objects & activities in the field like PPE safety, customer visits, & fire equipment

  • Order Forms

    Build order forms that include signature capture & details of the job as well as client involved

  • Checklists

    Stay organized & get things done by creating, organising, or sharing to do lists & tasks in the field

  • Incident Reports

    Capture a report outlining the particulars of an incident along with photographic evidence

  • Inventory

    Build & maintain a list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building

  • Audits

    Identify performance, efficiency & savings potential in the workplace & out in the field

  • Timesheets

    Capture multiple time entries against a job including signatures of workers & supervisors

  • Sales

    Conduct sales activities from anywhere with access to customer details, locations & stock

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