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TV and Creative

Submit.com award winning casting solution provides powerful yet easy to use online platform to power television and film productions worldwide.

Secure cloud-based technology powers Submit.com backend candidate tracking systems and our immersive interactive front-end candidate friendly forms to help you manage all your production needs.

With our full-featured casting platform, you can receive and efficiently filter anything from 100 to 100,000 candidates in a short period of time, and also protect your candidates’ data across your shows and programs. You’ll save on time, money, manpower, and much more – all while improving your casting campaign results, and find the absolute best candidates for your shows and production.

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Are you a pact. member ?

Pact is delighted to partner with Submit.com and its Award Winning Pro Tool For Casting Professionals. Submit.com has been used for shows such as First Dates, Married at First Sight, The Voice, Genealogy Roadshow, Say Yes To The Dress, Moneyball, and many more.

Submit.com provided Pact with the audition/recruitment platform for the successful UK China Creative Exchange and proved to play an integral part in selecting the right candidates from 100’s of both the UK and Chinese applications.

Pact is now thrilled to bring the same Pro Tool to its members for FREE as part of your Pact membership benefits. This partnership will help you to create, promote, evaluate, and manage casting calls, audience tickets, job opportunities, and much more entirely online.

Talk to the team at Submit.com today to arrange your FREE Pro account.

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Your Own Domain

We’ll set you up with your own domain, every aspect of which is yours. No banners, no ads, just you, your team, and the tools to create, promote, and manage casting call-outs.


Make the platform work for you. Personalise the look and feel, set your personal preferences, manage your team and create custom call-outs.


There’s no casting call too big or small. Submit.com platform is built to scale with you and your different type of productions


Add your own background images, favicons, logos, colour schemes and more. Really make your homepage your own.

Smart Forms

Get the exact information you are looking for. Our forms incorporate clever branch logic and answers can be text, multiple choice, multiple select, date, yes/no, or even auto-calculating spreadsheets!

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