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Renowned TV producers use our software daily to make today’s best shows.

Identify top talent

The days of sending videotapes to PO boxes are long dead. So are the days of using email. Employ Submit.com as your casting agent and keep everything related to auditions in one place.

Allow people to apply to take part in a specific show or register interest to be considered for future episodes or a pilot. Create a branded and GDPR compliant talent casting with Submit.com. You can even pre-set questions for talent to record their answers with VideoQ.

Curate huge databases

Finding a single mother under 35 from Manchester or Massachusetts shouldn’t feel like a Lord of the Rings style epic quest. It should be within a few clicks of a mouse. Same goes for creating a show to appeal to her demographic.

With Submit.com, you can keep track of all your previous casting and pitch submissions or even find talent to create new show ideas from your private database of previously used as well as untapped talent.

Accept great pitches

Banging your head against the wall hoping the next acclaimed show falls out? Is there a corkboard filled with scribbled yellow post-it notes? Why? Move it online.

Use Submit.com to accept original content proposals more effectively. Create forms requiring merely a title, logline and short synopsis or specific forms needing proof-of-concept. Solicit ideas internally or via the public. Even include a release waiver or non-disclosure agreement to protect against the dangers of unsolicited submissions — everything you need to get commissioned faster.

Free 14 day trial ✔ Easy setup ✔ Cancel any time ✔

Trusted by industry leaders

We are trusted by leading TV & Production Studios across the globe.

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